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Navigator gives customers a new way to discover the best of Digital Cable

Release Date: 01/14/2008

Barstow, CA, January 11, 2008 –– Time Warner Cable announced today the launch of its latest innovation, a new on-screen Navigator™ guide in Barstow. The new Navigator platform will be implemented in Time Warner Cable’s Barstow system on January 15 and 17 for digital cable customers and January 22 for DVR customers. Barstow customers are among the first to experience the new Time Warner Cable Navigator™.

“Time Warner Cable is proud to introduce Navigator to our digital cable customers in Barstow,” said Chuck Gibson, General Manager of TWC’s Barstow system.  “With its unique and convenient features, the new Navigator guide is one more example of our ongoing commitment to delivering to customers’ homes cutting-edge technology they can’t get elsewhere.”

Customers can enjoy the Navigator guide’s easy-to-read screens, consolidated Access menu and guide to programming sorted by category.  Navigator will improve customers’ Digital Cable experience by providing a faster and easier way to access all they want to see, including unique search features and superior navigation capabilities. Navigator makes virtually anything customers want to find and record accessible via their remotes’ “A,” “B,” and “C” buttons.

Among the many new and exciting features of the Navigator are Caller ID on TV, simple to use Parental Controls and improved DVR controls. 

Customers subscribed to both Digital Phone and Digital Cable can enjoy the added convenience of using their TV as a Caller ID display, at no extra charge. When the phone rings, the caller’s name and phone number are shown in the top left hand corner of the television screen –– giving new meaning to the phrase “screening calls.”

Customers seeking to more easily control family viewing can take advantage of Navigator’s PIN-protected controls that let them block by title, channel, rating –– and now even by content-advisory labels, such as “Violence” or “Coarse Language.” 

Navigator also makes it possible for DVR customers to record a series in the future, as well as to find shows up to two weeks in advance and set them to record with the touch of a button. 

Time Warner Cable customers with digital cable services do not need to do anything to experience these changes.  Navigator will be downloaded to customers’ digital converters automatically and keep their current settings and recordings. For customers with more than one digital converter box, these changes may occur at different times.

In the near future, Navigator will also enable Time Warner Cable to offer new interactive services such as games, voting and polling, and enhanced TV services. 

“Following the Navigator launch, our Barstow customers can also look forward to new high definition channels that will be coming soon,” said Gibson.  

About Time Warner Cable San Diego Division:
Barstow is part of the San Diego division of Time Warner Cable. More than 1,300 local employees serve customers in the San Diego division with cable television, high speed online and home telephone services.  Time Warner Cable owns and manages cable systems serving 13.4 million subscribers in 33 states.  Passing approximately 26 million homes, Time Warner Cable includes some of the most technologically advanced and best-clustered cable systems in the country, with nearly 85 percent of the Company’s customers located in five geographic regions: New York, Texas, Ohio, the Carolinas and Southern California.  Leveraging its leadership in innovation and quality customer care, Time Warner Cable delivers advanced products and services such as high definition television, digital video recorders, high-speed data and home phone. Time Warner Cable is a subsidiary of Time Warner Inc. (NYSE: TWX).

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