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Release Date: 10/20/2006

For immediate release
October 19, 2006

Also providing two weeks of FREE premium programming as
thank you to community

Time Warner Cable continues to make progress in assessing damage and restoring service to customers impacted by downed cable lines.  While the majority of homes have lost cable as a result of electricity outages, there were approximately 45,000 cable customers whose service was interrupted by damaged cable lines of which 20,000 have been resolved to date.  Those customers will be automatically credited on their December billing statement for this loss of cable service, according to Time Warner management. Credits will not be issued to those whose interrupted service is a result of power outages.

“Time Warner service teams have been joined by support crews across the state and are working diligently to restore cable to those who have electrical power but are without cable,” said Gordon Harp, president, Time Warner Cable Buffalo. “As more trees and downed electrical wires are uplifted, our crews are better able to access cable lines and restore service.”

The cable provider has determined disruption of cable service through their normal tracking procedures, service tools and phone calls from customers in addition to on-sight inspection of the entire cable system. Those affected customers will automatically receive a fixed credit per day for the duration of their loss of service. Customers need not call in to receive this credit.  The credits will vary from $1.13 to $3.84 per day based on the customer’s level of service.

In addition to the credit, and as a special thank you to all of its cable customers throughout Western New York, Time Warner will be offering two FREE weeks of special, premium channels during the month of November.  Thanksgiving week is one of the weeks being targeted with the other to be announced at a future date and available at their website:

For further information, contact Time Warner Cable at 1-866-668-6044.

Time Warner Cable owns and manages cable systems serving subscribers in 27 states, which include some of the most technologically advanced, best-clustered cable systems in the country with more than 75% of the Company's customers in systems of 300,000 subscribers or more.  Utilizing a fully upgraded advanced cable network and a steadfast commitment to providing consumers with choice, value and quality customer care, Time Warner Cable is an industry leader in delivering advanced products and services such as video on demand, high definition television, digital video recorders, high-speed data, wireless home networking and Digital Phone.  Time Warner Cable is a subsidiary of Time Warner Inc. (NYSE: TWX).

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