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TIME WARNER CABLE’S RESEARCH PROGRAM RELEASES THREE REPORTS - Reports Address: Social Networks, Privacy and Advertising; Revitalizing the Internet; and Fostering Collaboration to Realize the Smart Grid

Release Date: 08/31/2011

(New York, NY) – Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC) today issued three reports as part of its Research Program on Digital Communications. The Research Program was launched in February 2010 to increase understanding of the benefits and challenges facing the future of digital technologies in the home, office, classroom and community. The reports are available at the program’s website:

The reports released today are:

  • Remaking the Internet: Taking Network Architecture to the Next Level, by Richard Bennett, Research Fellow, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation.

    The Internet has changed life on much of this planet, much quicker than those who designed it had planned. The result is a network straining under the weight of its own success. Eschewing incremental changes, Bennett proposes a bold plan to re-examine fundamental assumptions about the Internet’s foundation with a goal of allowing it to continue to grow.

  • Realizing the Smart Grid Imperative: A Framework for Enhancing Collaboration Between Energy Utilities and Broadband Service Providers by Charles Davidson, Director, The Advanced Communication Law & Policy Institute, New York Law School and Michael J. Santorelli, Director, The Advanced Communication Law & Policy Institute, New York Law School.

    A smart electric grid has been central to every major energy goal outlined by US policymakers during the past several decades, the authors argue. In addition, high-speed data networks are important to grid modernization, they add. Yet the energy regulatory framework, skewed incentives and entrenched interests have made utilities reluctant to collaborate with commercial broadband network owners. Davidson and Santorelli outline a new framework to bridge this divisive environment and advance the US smart grid initiative.  

  • Social Networks, Personalized Advertising, and Perceptions of Privacy Control, by Catherine Tucker, Douglas Drane Career Development Professor in IT and Management and Assistant Professor in Marketing, MIT Sloan School of Management.

    Using data from a randomized field experiment, Professor Tucker found users were twice as likely to click on personalized ads at a social media site after they were informed that the site had given them more control over their personal information. Tucker argues this suggests that publicly giving social-networking users control over their private information can benefit advertisers.


Fernando Laguarda, director of the program and Vice President for External Affairs and Policy Counselor at Time Warner Cable, said, “These reports represent the best and brightest from thought leaders in the telecommunications policy world.  We know they are bound to increase understanding of the challenges and opportunities that arise in digital communications.  Moving into our second year, we continue to believe that the Time Warner Cable Research Program’s multi-disciplinary and collaborative agenda can play a helpful role in the ongoing policy debate.”
About the Time Warner Cable Research Program on Digital Communications

The Time Warner Cable Research Program on Digital Communications awards stipends to foster research dedicated to increasing understanding of the benefits and challenges facing the future of digital technologies in the home, office, classroom and community.  Individual researchers affiliated with universities and not-for-profits are eligible to apply for the stipends.  The recently published essays and more information about the program can be found at and  The deadline for the next round of awards is November 1, 2011.  

About Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable is the second-largest cable operator in the U.S., with technologically advanced, well-clustered systems located in five geographic areas — New York State (including New York City), the Carolinas, Ohio, southern California (including Los Angeles) and Texas.  Time Warner Cable serves more than 14 million customers who subscribe to one or more of its video, high-speed data and voice services.  Time Warner Cable Business Class offers a suite of phone, Internet, Ethernet and cable television services to businesses of all sizes. Time Warner Cable Media Sales, the advertising arm of Time Warner Cable, offers national, regional and local companies innovative advertising solutions that are targeted and affordable.  More information about the services of Time Warner Cable is available at, and


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