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Time Warner Cable Announces $1.6 Million Donation to NYC Media Lab, Which Partners With Leading Technology Firms With Academia

Time Warner Cable’s Research Program on Digital Communications To Fund NYU Polytechnic Institute’s Research on Emerging Broadband Trends

Release Date: 08/19/2013

Time Warner Cable today announced its partnership with NYC Media Lab and its $1.6 million contribution, making it one of the largest corporate supporters of the organization. NYC Media Lab, launched in 2010 by New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), NYU Polytechnic Institute (NYU-Poly) and Columbia University, already has received more than half of the total donation from Time Warner Cable and will continue to receive the remaining funds through 2020. In addition, Time Warner Cable’s Research Program on Digital Communications will fund NYU-Poly’s broadband Internet research through NYC Media Lab.

“Time Warner Cable’s $1.6 million contribution to NYC Media Lab recognizes the importance of connecting academia with industry leaders and thinkers to spur further growth of a vibrant technology community in New York,” said Glenn Britt, Time Warner Cable’s Chairman and CEO. “Our partnership demonstrates the value of working closely with academic institutions undertaking research which will benefit and change the future of technology, and the ways in which we work and live. Time Warner Cable is excited to partner with NYC Media Lab and NYU-Poly on a project that can influence how we think about the future of Internet usage and growth.”

Through the partnership, Time Warner Cable will leverage the research, development, knowledge and talent at NYU-Poly to analyze and discover more innovative ways to use and provide Internet services. The relationship provides NYU-Poly staff and students the opportunity to better prepare for the future of the technology industry and analyze current issues Internet service providers are facing today.

Time Warner Cable will support Professor Justin Cappos’ research at NYU-Poly to study the potential impact that certain emerging trends may have on consumer bandwidth usage. Professor Cappos will look at emerging trends such as peer-to-peer systems, the growth of wireless device usage and advances like Femtocells, and the increasing Internet connectivity of consumer devices like power meters, washing machines, thermostats and toasters. He will assess which trends may be potentially disruptive to Internet bandwidth and how specific technologies affect peak network bandwidth.

“The Internet continues to evolve and change every day. Our goal is to provide consumers with fast, reliable Internet services both now and in the future, so it’s important that we further study and understand the complexities of broadband technology, efficiently increase capacity and explore future bandwidth trends,” added Britt.

The research project, funded by Time Warner Cable for one year, will be presented at NYC Media Lab’s Annual Research Summit in September 2013. Time Warner Cable’s Chairman and CEO Glenn Britt will deliver the keynote address in its inaugural The Glenn A. Britt Lecture keynote series.

“NYC Media Lab is an important tool to ensure the future growth of New York City’s media industry, providing companies looking to advance new media technologies the opportunity to collaborate and innovate with local academic institutions,” said Deputy Mayor Robert K. Steel. “Private partners are critical to the success of initiatives such as these, and this collaboration is sure to allow the media sector to prosper in the City for decades to come.”

“NYC Media Lab is thrilled to have the ongoing support and engagement of Time Warner Cable,” said Roger Neal, NYC Media Lab's Executive Director. “Glenn Britt and his colleagues have a deep understanding of how digital media innovators can generate value through collaboration with NYC's universities.”

“NYCEDC created the NYC Media Lab to serve as a gateway for collaboration between the media industry and the City’s strong research institutions and academic talent,” said NYCEDC Executive Vice President Eric Gertler. “Time Warner Cable’s support for the NYC Media Lab demonstrates its commitment to pursuing innovative solutions to major issues facing the media sector.”

NYC Media Lab is a public-private partnership encompassing all the universities of NYC. The Lab tackles the big questions facing the media industry today, with the goal of generating research, knowledge transfer, talent development, R&D and new business models. NYC Media Lab encourages collaboration among colleges and universities with technology companies to foster innovation and academic research in digital media in New York City. For more information about NYC Media Lab, visit

“Time Warner Cable’s partnership with the NYC Media Lab is a great example of what our Research Program on Digital Communications is all about. Time Warner Cable is dedicated to supporting the best and brightest thought leaders in telecommunications and media policy, and the mission of the NYC Media lab fits perfectly with our efforts to educate policy makers, industry stakeholders and the communities we serve,” said Fernando Laguarda, Time Warner Cable’s Vice President of External Affairs and Policy Counselor. “We are proud supporters of partnerships in our home communities and look forward to working with NYC Media Lab on a project designed to analyze bandwidth planning and speed tiers. This important work will have an impact on the next generation of technology in our industry.”

Time Warner Cable’s Research Program on Digital Communications was designed to tap into the best minds in the academic and public policy communities and stimulate research into challenges facing the telecommunications industry. The Research Program awards stipends to generate reports and provide new information, insights and practical advice to policymakers and policy stakeholders. For more about the program, visit

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