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Time Warner Cable Honored with Two 2013 Emmy® Awards for Technology and Engineering

Release Date: 08/12/2013

Time Warner Cable (TWC) today announced that the company is the recipient of two Emmy® Awards for Technology and Engineering for 2013. The announcements were made by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in letters to the company dated July 22, 2013. The first award recognizes Time Warner Cable’s “Pioneering Work in Implementation and Deployment of Network DVR (NDVR).” The second award recognizes the company’s efforts in “Pioneering Development of Video on Demand (VOD) Dynamic Advertising Insertion.”

Emmy Win: Pioneering Work in Implementation and Deployment of Network DVR (NDVR)

NDVR enhances the time-shifting convenience that DVR brought to video customers, by recording and storing multiple linear channels in “the network” rather than by deploying mass-storage devices in consumers’ homes. Even before the successful launch of the DVR set-top, the cable industry had a desire to have a NDVR product. TWC was the first to develop much of the underlying technology with the company’s Mystro TV effort, which began in late 2001. Generally, the technology enables different consumer experiences: to act as a remote site for customers, making individual recordings of their selected programming (known as RS-DVR), and to simultaneously record many channels and permit enabled consumers to have flexible access to recorded programs, including, but not limited to, ‘Start Over’ programs that were recorded prior to consumers’ viewing. TWC continues to lead in the discussions with programmers on how to make NDVR a valuable service—not only for customers and cable companies, but also as a benefit to content providers.

Emmy Win: Pioneering Development of Video on Demand (VOD) Dynamic Advertising Insertion

Video consumers want access to a large library of high-quality video content—on their time and schedule. The challenge was to create a VOD-based ecosystem that rewards content owners for contributing to that large library of high-quality, on demand video. Time Warner Cable helped to create a world in which content owners monetize their content with the dynamic insertion of national ad campaigns into millions of hours of VOD content per month.

Commenting on the awards, Glenn Britt, Chairman and CEO of Time Warner Cable stated, “Time Warner Cable takes great pride in the technological innovations we have pioneered over the years. Our commitment to delivering communications services that give our customers increased flexibility and control is woven into the fabric of our daily work. I am grateful to the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for publicly recognizing that commitment in the achievements of our talented engineering and technology teams, whose behind-the-scenes work has been acknowledged in such a visible way.”

Mike LaJoie, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology and Network Operations Officer for the Company added, “I am very proud of our team and the work they do to position Time Warner Cable as a technology thought leader. The Cable industry has a rich entrepreneurial history, fueled in part by the creative use of technology, and these awards recognize the innovations taking place inside our industry and, specifically, our company—for the benefit of the more than 15 million customers who use Time Warner Cable’s services every day.”

In the mid-1990’s, Time Warner Cable became the first cable company to be honored with an Emmy® Award by winning the Engineering Award for Outstanding Achievement in Technological Development. This recognized the company’s pioneering work in using fiber optics to transmit broadband signals, a development that helped enable the convergence of the cable television, computer and telephone industries. Since then, the company has earned seven more Technical and Engineering Emmys:

  • Best Use of On Demand Technology Over Private Networks for Start Over® (2005-2006)
  • Development, Productization and Commercialization of Interactive Video on Demand Two-Way Infrastructure and Signaling (2006-2007)
  • Full-Service Network (2011)
  • Pioneering the Development of Multi-Room DVR (2011-2012)
  • Development and Commercialization of Cable Interconnects for Local Video Ad Insertion (ADLINK, 2011-2012)
  • Pioneering Work in Implementation and Deployment of Network DVR (2012-2013)
  • Pioneering Development of Video on Demand (VOD) Dynamic Advertising Insertion (2012-2013)

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