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Time Warner Cable to Go "All Digital" With Its TV Lineup in Manhattan

Some Customers May Require A Digital Adapter Device - Company to Transition Basic TV Channels from Analog to Digital Beginning July 31

Release Date: 07/31/2013

New York City, July 31, 2013 – Time Warner Cable has announced it will transition analog channels in the Basic TV package to an all-digital TV signal for Manhattan customers beginning July 31. The Digital Conversion Initiative (DCI) will help the company free up bandwidth space on its network in New York and ensure its customers have access to the latest products and features.

“Time Warner Cable is always looking for ways that customers can enjoy home entertainment better,” said John Quigley, Time Warner Cable’s Regional Vice President of Operations for NYC. “Transitioning our channels from analog to digital will free up space on our network which gives us the ability to provide even better picture and sound quality, offer more HD channels, On Demand programming and faster Internet speeds. This change potentially affects only customers whose TV sets are not connected to a digital set-top box.”

The transition to an all-digital TV signal only impacts residential and commercial customers in Manhattan who have a cable line plugged directly into the TV, VCR, DVD recorder or similar devices.

Time Warner Cable customers can prepare for the digital conversion by ordering a Digital Adapter which is a small device that allows only digital signals to be displayed on TV. A Digital Adapter does not provide channels like MTV or Food Network and premium channels like HBO. It also does not provide the same features as a Digital set-top box which allows access to On Demand, on-screen guide, Pay-Per-View and exclusive TV features like Start Over, Look Back and Caller ID on TV. Customers who have a Digital set-top box do not need to order a Digital Adapter as it already delivers digital signals.

Time Warner Cable is offering residential customers several simple and easy ways to order a Digital Adapter through, calling 1-855-286-1736 or in-person at the store at 46A East 23rd Street (between Park Avenue South & Broadway) and 2554 Broadway (at 96th Street).

"Customers can easily install a Digital Adapter by requesting our Easy Connect Kit which is mailed to the home or schedule an appointment to have a technician visit. We encourage customers to get the free Digital Adapter as soon as they can so they’re ready for the digital conversion beginning July 31,” added Quigley.

Time Warner Cable Business Class customers can order a Digital Adapter by calling 1-877-227-8711 or visit Digital Adapters are free of charge for residential and commercial customers through December 31, 2014. Beginning January 1, 2015, a Digital Adapter will cost 99 cents per month per adapter.

Time Warner Cable successfully completed the digital conversion pilot program in Augusta, Maine in 2011. The company will continue the transition to all-digital in the New York City area later this year in Brooklyn and Queens.

For more information about DCI, visit


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