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Time Warner Cable's Research Program Awards Stipend to Deepen Understanding of Broadband Adoption and Digital Literacy for Older Adults

Funds to Help Research Broadband and Technology Needs of Seniors, Examining Barriers to Broadband Adoption and Strategies to Encourage Use

Release Date: 12/17/2013

Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC) today announced the latest stipend as part of its Research Program on Digital Communications, which engages scholars to increase understanding of the benefits and challenges facing digital technologies in the home, office, classroom and community.

The $20,000 stipend announced today will support the following research initiative:

Older Adults and Broadband Adoption: Where Do We Go From Here?, written by Debra R. Berlyn of The Project to Get Older Adults onLine (GOAL) and John B. Horrigan, Senior Fellow at the Joint Center of Political & Economic studies. The project will examine current trends in broadband and technology adoption among older adults, with the aim of identifying successful initiatives that demonstrate the value of staying connected while bolstering digital skills and literacy.

Fernando Laguarda, director of the Research Program and Vice President for External Affairs and Policy Counselor at Time Warner Cable, said, “We are excited to contribute to a deeper understanding of broadband and digital communications policy with respect to older adults. We look forward to learning from this work and promoting best practices to advance technological inclusion.”

Debra Berlyn, Project GOAL’s Executive Director, said,  “I am pleased Time Warner Cable is providing the opportunity for Project GOAL to conduct this data-driven analysis of older adults’ broadband adoption trends. The work will be conducted under the leadership of the preeminent researcher in this field, Dr. John Horrigan. While this study will examine current broadband adoption trends, it will also address the more critical question of “where do we go from here,” to ensure the utilization of the innovative services broadband technology delivers to older adults.”

Time Warner Cable’s Research Program on Digital Communications is proud to facilitate an ongoing conversation on communications and how technology can be used to address persistent challenges. In September, the Research Program announced an upcoming collaboration with the LGBT Technology Partnership to examine the digital communications needs of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people. The Research Program previously worked with the National Urban League to publish Connecting the Dots, considering how broadband adoption can enhance job creation and competitiveness.

Today’s stipend is the latest of awards made for the 2013 cycle. Awards were also made during 2010, 2011 and 2012. To date, the Research Program has made 22 awards to 30 leading researchers. The next deadline for stipend applications is April 1, 2014.


About the Time Warner Cable Research Program on Digital Communications

The Time Warner Cable Research Program on Digital Communications awards stipends to foster research dedicated to increasing understanding of the benefits and challenges facing the future of digital technologies in the home, office, classroom and community. Individual researchers affiliated with universities and non-profits are eligible to apply for the stipends. The recently published essays and more information about the program can be found at and


About Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable Inc. (NYSE: TWC) is among the largest providers of video, high-speed data and voice services in the United States, connecting more than 15 million customers to entertainment, information and each other. Time Warner Cable Business Class offers data, video and voice services to businesses of all sizes, cell tower backhaul services to wireless carriers and enterprise-class, cloud-enabled hosting, managed applications and services.  Time Warner Cable Media, the advertising arm of Time Warner Cable, offers national, regional and local companies innovative advertising solutions. More information about the services of Time Warner Cable is available at, and


About Project GOAL

Project GOAL serves to help promote the adoption of broadband services by older adults, raises the profile of challenges confronting the use and adoption of technology within the older community, and creates a new voice representing these issues. Project GOAL provides a platform to promote the adoption of broadband services in order to advance the many benefits of broadband technology for the aging community: health, reducing isolation, connecting to friends and family, government services, entertainment, online commerce, and aging in place. Addressing the barriers to broadband adoption is another area of focus for Project GOAL. These include understanding the relevance and value of broadband, enhancing its usability, and protecting privacy. Project GOAL also works to connect national and local community organizations working on issues related to broadband to exponentially increase the impact of adoption programs. More information about Project GOAL is available at

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