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Wideband Internet Access

Businesses with large data transfers, video and audio streaming and ecommerce transactions require faster, more robust Internet service. Time Warner Cable Business Class offers several business wideband service plans to meet your unique needs.

Wideband enables large-scale business processes such as internal and external large file sharing, streaming video and online order processing. Wideband also simplifies online backup in the cloud with higher bandwidth for data transfer.

Powered by our fiber-rich network, our wideband Internet service features increased speeds over our Broadband Internet service. Wideband makes it easier to converge data services over a single IP connection and minimize costs.

*Speeds may vary by market.

Standard Wideband features:

  • Enhanced bandwidth with speeds of up to 100 Mbps*
  • 10 Time Warner Cable Business Class email addresses with higher sending limits

  • 1 dynamic IP address: a numeric address that is automatically assigned to your network and changes each time you access the Internet
  • Cable modem customer premises equipment (CPE) provided: supports multiple IP addresses and DHCP functionality for dynamic IP addressing