• Seasonal Tips
  • Don't leave your home out in the cold

    Follow these tips to keep your home safer, cleaner, healthier and more efficient.

    Check HVAC filters and replace if necessary

    Check gutters and clear debris

    Have your fireplace checked by a chimney sweep

    Lower your thermostat to save energy and run efficiently

    Check your water heater’s tray and install a smart water sensor

  • Try Something New
  • Customizations that our customers think are genius

    Follow these step-by-step instructions to customize your home management rules.

    Download updated mobile app

  • Now you can view and turn on/off rules from your phone
  • Enhanced live camera viewing
  • Improved auto sign-in

    Download the latest version of the IntelligentHome App from iTunes or Google Play.
  • Upgrade IntelligentHome

  • Kids forget their key again?

    A smart lock beats hiding the key under the mat. You can purchase and install a smart lock yourself, and it can easily be paired to your IntelligentHome system, making your home that much smarter!