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Turn your home into an IntelligentHome
Enjoy home management features that make it easy to personalize the system to fit your life.


Home Management Product Information



Energy efficiency and savings

Save money and energy by adjusting your thermostat from any Internet-connected device. Make your home more efficient when you're away. Save up to 10% on energy costs. Create personalized settings so the temperature is just right when you wake up and eco-friendly when you're away.



Control lights from anywhere

Smart lighting – it’s a bright idea
  • Make it look like you’re home when you are not.
  • Use motion sensors so that lights turn on or off when people enter or leave rooms.
  • Use the mobile IntelligentHome app to turn on lights when you’re away from home or near home.
  • Create settings so that lights automatically turn on when the front door opens or after dark.




Unlock doors remotely

Kids forgot their key? Unlock the door from your smartphone or set it to automatically lock when you arm your IntelligentHome system. A smart door lock gives you even more ways to protect and manage your home. It’s easy to install and connect to IntelligentHome. Now available online at Best Buy.



Get the Most Out of Your IntelligentHome Service

Remote access at your fingertips

All these features – programming your thermostat, adjusting lights, locking and unlocking the door – can be controlled remotely with the IntelligentHome app. It doesn’t matter where you are. Just sign in and make the adjustments.


Adobe Reader required. Download here.

*Free Installation offer includes standard installation of IntelligentHome only. 18-month contract required, early termination fee may apply. Taxes, fees and surcharges apply. IntelligentHome and all features may not be available in all areas. Residential use only. Some restrictions apply.

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