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Home WiFi
Enjoy the latest in wireless Internet access for all your devices in your home with our Home WiFi service.

Connect for better streaming, faster downloads and more sharing for your family and friends.

TWC WiFi® Hotspots
Free Internet access away from home for all your devices. Connect to over 500,000 WiFi hotspots nationwide.


WiFi Product Information

Connect using your TWC ID
Use TWC WiFi® to access hotspots near you
Connect to TWC WiFi® and partner hotspots with your TWC ID. Watch TV or pay your bill on your favorite devices. Use the My TWC® app to find the closest WiFi locations, manage your appointments and more.
Over 500,000 WiFi locations
WiFi coverage map - Time Warner Cable
We've teamed with other providers to create a WiFi network of over 500,000 hotspots.
WiFi hotspot options
Gain access to TWC partner hotspots: Boingo, CableWiFi
Look for these networks in your WiFi settings:




Automatically connect with My WiFi

Register your devices in the My WiFi portal so that when you are traveling, your device will automatically connect to one of our hotspots. Manage your devices, view usage and avoid costly cell data charges.



Select the right modem

You have the flexibility to lease equipment from us or buy your own modem.

Get the Most Out of Your Internet Service

Watch TV with your WiFi connection

With the TWC TV® app, you can watch TV anywhere in your home with your WiFi connection and when you’re away with a hotspot.