Studies show that as many as one third of all kids are cyberbullied. While not every child is a victim, every child does play a role. Whether they’re bullies, targets, or bystanders, kids can be unaware of their contribution to the issue.


When kids see bullying happening, how can they learn to stand up to it?



Through our partnership with Common Sense Media, we’re educating Time Warner Cable customers about cyberbullying and giving parents the tools that they need to help prevent and deal with the issue.


What Every Parent Must Know About Cyberbullying

What might begin as a sarcastic text or Facebook post can quickly turn to inflammatory comments in our fast-paced, digital world. Familiarize yourself with what is acceptable about text messaging, instant messaging and Facebook posts by watching the Common Sense Media video “What’s Really Going On” at the top of this page.


Are My Children Affected and What Can I Do?

Children of all ages are impacted by cyberbullying - from young kids to older teens. Help your kids stand up - not stand by - to this national problem. Visit Common Sense Media’s cyberbullying page to educate yourself on how cyberbullying can affect your kids at each stage of their development.



From detecting signs of cyberbullying early to dealing with the issue when it hits home, this website offers tools for every age.


Read these articles about the hidden complexities of cyberbullying - and help your kid stand up instead of standing by.