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Whether it's mastering a new language or practicing social skills, today's screens can teach important lessons. Get tips on how to make the most of your kids' screen time.



Even if you've talked to your kids about screen-time limits and responsible online behavior it's still really tough to manage what they do when you're not there (and even when you are). Parental controls can support you in your efforts to keep your kids' Internet experiences safe, fun, and productive.



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About Common Sense Media

Common Sense is dedicated to improving the lives of kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in a world of media and technology. Common Sense exists because our kids are growing up in a culture that profoundly impacts their physical, social, and emotional well-being.


The organization provides families with trusted advice and unbiased ratings and reviews to help them make smart media choices. Through its education programs and policy efforts, Common Sense empowers parents, educators, kids, and teens to become knowledgeable and responsible digital citizens. For more information on media and parenting topics, visit Common Sense Media's Parent Concerns.

The online safety of all of our customers is a priority so we have partnered with Common Sense Media to help parents and families make smart decisions about what they see and do on-screen and online.


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Parental controls in Security Suite by McAfee® allow you to have a say in what kind of content your children see on the Internet by blocking websites based on certain programs, as well as set time limits for when your children are allowed online. Learn More


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Download tips and tools for helping kids get the most out of their digital devices.