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Unlimited Calling

Phone service without boundaries

Free yourself of per-minute charges in the U.S. and to 34 countries. Call friends in the U.S., vos amis in France, tus amigos in Mexico and Puerto Rico, dine venner in Norway, your hosers in Canada and anyone in China, India and the European Union*.


Unlimited Calling Product Information


Talk as long as you want

Our unlimited calling plan means no counting minutes, no calling cards and no overage charges. For a consistently low monthly price, you can make unlimited calls to mobile and landline phones at included countries.



More than a dozen features

Enjoy advanced calling features and privacy settings as well as the basic calling features, like Caller ID, Call Waiting, Speed Dial. We even offer Caller ID on TV and expanded privacy settings.



Access voicemail anywhere

Listen to your messages from your phone or online, at home or on the go. Your messages can be sent as email or as a text to your smartphone. Voicemail is an add-on feature for an additional fee that is included with select plans and packages.


Get the Most Out of Your Phone Service

Answer that call Anywhere

Answer Anywhere is a feature of VoiceZone® that allows you to create a list of up to five phone numbers that will ring simultaneously when someone places a call to your Phone service. Never miss a call with VoiceZone®. All you need is your TWC ID.