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Protect your privacy and your free time with Caller ID and see who's calling before you answer the phone. Plus, learn about other convenient call features.

Caller ID

Caller ID enables you to see who's calling before you answer the phone by looking on your Caller ID enabled-phone.

Caller ID on TV

To turn Caller ID on TV off and on and see who your last 10 callers were:

To turn on/off Caller ID on TV:

  1. Press SETTINGS on your digital remote control
  2. Select "Caller ID" then "Set UP"
  3. Press "Select" on your remote control to turn the Caller ID on/off

To view your last 10 callers:

  1. Press SETTINGS on your digital cable remote control
  2. Select "Caller ID" then "Call Log" to see the list of recent callers


Call Waiting

Call Waiting enable you to take a second call without disconnecting the first.  To use this feature:

  1. When you hear the Call Waiting tone, simply press and release the receiver switchhook or press your phone’s ‘flash’ button.
  2. Your first call will be placed on hold and your second call will be on the line.
  3. You can go back and forth between the two calls as often as you'd like by pressing and releasing the switchhook or flash button.
  4. To end the first call and answer the second, simply hang up. Your phone will ring and the second caller will be on the line.
  5. If you're on an important call and do not wish to answer the incoming call, you can simply ignore it and continue talking.


Call Waiting Caller ID

This feature combines Caller ID and Call Waiting. The beep alerts you to a call coming in. Just look at the Caller ID display on your phone to see the name and number of the person calling.

Caller ID Block (*67)

To block your identity from the other person's Caller ID press (*67) before you dial their number.  This service works on a per-call basis.

3-Way Calling

To use 3-Way Calling:

  1. When you are on an existing call, momentarily press the Flash button or switch hook. This places the first person on hold.
  2. Upon hearing the recall dial tone (three tones and then a dial tone), dial the telephone number of the second person.
  3. Press the Flash button or switch hook again, and all people will be joined on the call (if you press the Flash button or switch hook before completing dialing of the second person, you’ll be reconnected with the first party).

Notes: If either of the called persons hang up, the call continues with the remaining two. If the person who initiated the call hangs up during a 3-Way call, the call will be disconnected.

When you are on a 3-way call, your Call Waiting and Call Waiting Caller ID will not function. Additional incoming calls will go directly to your Voicemail (or get a busy signal if you don’t have Voicemail service).

Anonymous Call Reject (*77)

You can block unwanted calls from people who do not send their caller ID information, just press (*77). You must Dial *87 to deactivate this feature.

Speed Dial (*74)

Set up one-digit dialing to call frequently dialed phone numbers:

  1. Press *74; listen for the stutter tone and choose a digit from 2 to 9.
  2. Enter the 10-digit number (dialing 1 first if it applies) that you want on speed dial and wait for confirmation tone. If your local calling area only requires 7 digits please do not enter the area code.
  3. To change any of the stored numbers simply repeat steps 1 and 2 with the new desired telephone number.

To use this feature:

  1. Press the chosen digit (from 2 to 9) followed by the # (pound) sign and the system will speed dial the telephone number that correlates to the pre-programmed digit.

Call Forwarding (*72)

Automatically forward your calls to another phone number:

  1. On the phone with active Phone service where you would like calls transferred from, Press *72; listen for 3 short beeps and then a dial tone.
  2. For long distance dialing enter the 10-digit phone number (1+ area Code + phone number) where calls will be forwarded to and wait for the confirmation tone. After the confirmation tone, the system will automatically place a courtesy call to the forward-to number. (If your local calling area only requires 7 digits please do not enter the area Code).
  3. If the forward-to party answers the courtesy call, the feature is activated.
  4. If at setup time, the forward-to line is busy or there is no answer to the courtesy call, the feature will not be activated. You can still activate Call Forwarding by repeating steps 1 and 2 within two minutes of the first attempt. You will hear an error message if the forward-to number is invalid.
  5. If you have Voicemail, your calls that would usually go to Voice Mail will continue to go to the forward-to number and the Voicemail for the forward-to number (if applicable).
  6. Calls will continue to be forwarded to the chosen number until deactivated. You must remember to deactivate Call Forwarding by pressing *73 and wait for the deactivation confirmation tone.