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All Channels Out Instructions:

Please try each of the following steps:

1. Verify Hook-Ups

Are all connections secure and "hand-tight"?

Are you using the proper connectors and color coding? If you are using a cable Set-Top Box, the cable coming from wall should be connected to the "IN" jack on the cable box.

If you're not using a cable box, the cable coming from the wall should be connected to the "IN" jack on the VCR, DVD player or directly to the TV.

2. Check the TV

Is the proper input selected? (Channel 3, Input 1, Input 2, HDMI, etc.)

Are you an HD subscriber? If so, make sure your TV is on the correct input, i.e., component, HDMI, DVI.

No HD? Please ensure your TV is on channel 3.

3. Check the Cable Box

Is the cable box power on? Is the proper input selected?

4. Check Your VCR, DVD and/or Game Device

If any of these devices are connected to your TV, please make sure the power is off those devices. Check to make sure your TV is set to the right input.

5. Reboot the Cable Box

  1. Turn the TV off.
  2. Unplug the cable box power cord from the power outlet / powerstrip.
  3. Wait 10 seconds.
  4. Plug the cable box power cord back into the power outlet / powerstrip.
  5. Wait for the cable box to display the current time.
  6. Turn the cable box on.
  7. Turn the TV on.
  8. Wait several minutes for the box to sync back with our system

Note 1: If you have Navigator 2.5, simply press and hold the POWER button on your remote for 6 seconds and the set-top box will start the reboot process.

Note 2: If this happens often, you might have a signal issue. Chat online with a customer support representative or contact us.

6. Still No Picture?

If this is the result of a system-wide power outage, we're working on it. Check My Account to see if we've posted an update. If this is not due a system-wide outage, contact Customer Support. Let them know:

  • You went through the online troubleshooting
  • Your TV is on and working properly
  • Your cable box is on
  • Your connection and inputs are correct

7. Still having an issue?

You can chat live online or connect with us by other means via our Contact Us page