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Time Warner Cable launched Switched Digital Video (SDV) in many neighborhoods around the country. Channels delivered using SDV are sent to your television only when you want to watch them. This frees up bandwidth and allows Time Warner Cable to offer you additional digital and HD channels. Some existing services may be delivered using SDV in order to make additional bandwidth available.

Once channels are delivered using SDV, they will no longer be available to CableCARD™ devices unless you have a Tuning Adapter. You will need a Tuning Adapter to view these new channels if you use a CableCARD with one of these devices:


• TiVo: Series 3, HD and HD XL, Premiere and Premiere XL

• Retail Moxi HD

• OCUR devices: ATI TV Wonder™, Ceton InfiniTV 4™, SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime™

If you have a compatible CableCARD™ device that is listed above, you can order a Tuning Adapter online.