Service Policies

Spectrum uses the best electronic equipment and workmanship available to provide our customers with reliable service and high quality picture and sound. However, to consistently provide this high quality service, our technicians must periodically test and occasionally repair our cable equipment throughout the cable system. Cable repair will cause a temporary loss of cable service to an entire neighborhood known as a "maintenance outage." If your cable is not working properly, contact Customer Service. If we are having a maintenance outage in your area, you will be informed when you call. If the problem is not being caused by maintenance, we should know immediately if there is a problem in your area. In either case, we will work as quickly as possible to restore service.
Professional sporting events, both local and national, may be subject to blackouts per the league's broadcast rules. Due to these blackouts, not all programming and services will be available in all areas and programming may be subject to change.
Company policy is that our installers and technicians WILL NOT enter your home to perform any work if a responsible adult is not present. We realize this may cause an inconvenience for some of our customers, but this policy is essential to protect both you and our employees.
We will repair and/or replace the equipment we use to provide your cable service at no charge. If you are experiencing problems, contact Customer Service to schedule a service call. Spectrum does not repair personal equipment such as VCRs and televisions, and is only responsible for bringing service to the input of such equipment.


The converters we provide to our subscribers are and shall remain property of Spectrum and must be returned to Spectrum if service is discontinued for any reason, or if Spectrum wishes to exchange converters. Failure to return a converter or damage of a converter may result in a charge being made against your account. We will replace or repair your converter at no charge in the event of failure due to normal use.

You have options regarding the wiring within your home that is used to provide cable service. Home wiring is the cable that runs from your TV set to a point approximately twelve inches outside of your dwelling unit. Home wiring includes extra outlets, splitters, connections and fittings or wall plates attached to the cable, but does not include terminal devices such as converters, descramblers, A/B switches, parental lockout devices and security devices.


Pursuant to FCC regulations, customers are given the option to acquire the home wiring within their home upon termination of cable service. However, even prior to termination of cable service, customers can remove, replace, rearrange, repair or maintain any cable wiring located within the interior space of their dwelling as long as these actions do not interfere with our ability to meet FCC technical standards or to provide services to you or your neighbors. For example, you may not attach any device or equipment to your inside wiring in a way that may cause a violation of government regulations, or that impairs the integrity of the local cable system, such as creating signal leakage. In addition, you may not attach devices or equipment to the wiring that result in a degradation of signal quality to you or your neighbors.


If you choose to have us remove, replace, rearrange or maintain the wiring inside your home, you will be charged our regulated hourly service charge on a per-visit basis. Furthermore, we are not responsible for problems relating to the operation of customer-owned consumer electronic equipment such as televisions, VCRs, home antennas, etc., which may be connected to the inside wiring in your home. We are, however, responsible for problems relating to any equipment that you lease from us, other than problems caused by tampering, neglect or abuse.


You also have the option of removing, repairing, rearranging or maintaining the inside wiring yourself or hiring a contractor to do the work for you. It is important that high quality home wiring materials be used and that these materials be properly installed to avoid signal leakage and to maintain signal quality in compliance with FCC technical regulations. However, if improper materials or installation causes signal degradation and/or leakage, we may be required under federal law to terminate your cable service until the problem can be remedied.