Outage Due to Vandalism

We're experiencing network and service issues since our cable lines were vandalized, resulting in loss of TV, Internet and Voice services in parts of Queens, NY. We don't know who vandalized our network; however, you may be experiencing a loss of service(s) as a result. Our crews are working to repair the cables and restore services as quickly as possible.

When can I expect my service(s) to be restored? Our teams are working to get the repairs completed quickly.

Who did this? We don't know. But whenever there is vandalism to our cables, we notify local law enforcement authorities who typically conduct an investigation. Tampering with telecommunications cables is a crime.

How do you know it's an act of vandalism? Our field teams are in neighborhoods all across the city every day. And while our cables are damaged occasionally by traffic accidents and construction projects, we are experienced in spotting equipment tampering.

Where can I check for outage info? You can follow us on Twitter @Ask_Spectrum for the latest on outages.
Residential customers:


Business Class customers:
  • Call 1-866-892-4249