Spectrum Storm Center Outage Info

Get the latest updates on how Michael is impacting Spectrum services.

The following information will help minimize the inconvenience and danger of severe weather and provide updated information regarding service restoration in the event of severe weather or other emergency situation. You can also visit the National Weather Service and FEMA for additional storm updates in your area.


Service Outages

To check for an outage using My Account online:

  1. Go to My Account and sign in with your TWC ID and Password.
  2. Once you’re signed in, open the Troubleshoot tab.
  3. You’ll be alerted if there is a reported or possible outage in your area. If you receive an outage alert, we’re already aware of the outage in your area and there’s no need to call us to report it.

To check for an outage by telephone:

  1. From your service address, call us.
  2. When the automated attendant asks why you’re calling, say, for example, “My cable is out,” or “Repair.” If there’s a known outage, you’ll hear a message notifying you of the outage and asking whether you want to be notified when service is restored. You might be asked to provide your telephone number. If we’re unaware of any outages, you’ll be connected with an agent.

Power Outages

If your power is out, first call your power company or visit their website. Even if you have power at home, power outages in your area may be affecting our network and delaying restoration of services If you’ve determined that there are no Spectrum or power outages in your area, you can troubleshoot your Spectrum services.


If you’ve determined that there are no Spectrum or power outages in your area, you can troubleshoot your Spectrum services.

General Information

Restoration Efforts

Our technicians will begin working to restore services when conditions are safe and as local power — to your home and our facilities — is restored. When possible, we’ll provide customers with an estimated time of restoration.

Spectrum services require local power provided by your electric company. Therefore, power must be restored before we can troubleshoot your Spectrum services. Even if your home has electricity, your Spectrum services may be delivered from a location that doesn’t yet have power.

While storms and inclement weather do cause outages, other factors such as earthquakes, fires, flood and vandalism can be causes as well. Car accidents that damage utility poles, for example, can also cause outages. If trees or power lines are down, our technicians must wait until the debris is cleared and power lines are fixed before we can restore Spectrum services.

Service updates, outage information and other helpful resources can be found at Spectrum.net/stormcenter.

Spectrum Voice

Your Spectrum Voice modem must be plugged into an electrical wall outlet to operate. Your Voice service (including access to 911 services) will be unavailable during a power outage if you don't have a battery backup, and may also be unavailable in the event of a network outage. Learn more about purchasing a Battery Backup.

Storm FAQs

Storm Safety

Residential customers:
Business Class customers:
  • Call 1-866-892-4249