Account and Billing FAQs

How can I view and pay my bill on the My Spectrum app?

You can pay your bill, view your account balance and more with the My Spectrum app.

To pay your bill:

  1. Select the Billing tab.
  2. Tap the Make Payment button.
  3. From here, you can adjust the Payment Amount, the Payment Date and the Payment Method. Tap whichever field you want to adjust.

    Note: You can make a maximum payment of $1,000 on the My Spectrum app.

    • To add a new payment method, tap Payment Method and then Use a Different Payment Method. Following the prompts, enter your card or bank account information and tap Done to confirm.
    • To see your current account balance and your amount due, tap Payment Amount. You can choose to pay your amount due, your full account balance, or a custom payment amount.
  4. Once you’ve made sure all your payment information is correct, tap Make Payment. You’ll receive a confirmation message.