Account and Billing FAQs

What is an Easy Connect Kit and do I qualify?

An Easy Connect Kit contains everything you need to install Phone, Internet or TV equipment without the help of a professional installer.

Each Easy Connect Kit contains a guide with detailed installation instructions, a Set-Top Box, Internet modem or phone modem, and the connectors and cables you’ll need to complete the installation.


To qualify for an Easy Connect Kit, you must have, or previously been subscribed to, our services at your address and have a functional cable outlet in the room where the self-installation will be performed. You are automatically given the option for self-installation when you order online if you meet the eligibility requirements.

You are not eligible for a Phone Easy Connect Kit if:

  • Your alarm system is monitored through your Phone service
  • Your security gate system is monitored through your Phone service
  • You have a fax machine that is used as an additional device connected to your Phone service
  • You currently have Home WiFi through us
  • You would like to activate multiple telephone lines

See our Easy Connect Kit support page for details and for Easy Connect Guide documents.