Account and Billing FAQs

What is seasonal status and how do I get it?

Seasonal status allows part-time residents in select markets to put their Spectrum TV, Internet and Voice services on hold for a low monthly fee, without the hassle of canceling and then reinstalling service. When placing your account in Seasonal status, you can keep your phone number, email address, voicemail, Spectrum receiver and other TV, Internet or Voice equipment.

You can place your account in Seasonal status once annually. Seasonal status can range from two to nine months in duration. When placing your account in Seasonal status, you'll be asked to provide start and end dates, as well as a forwarding address, phone number and email.

On your scheduled return date, your Spectrum services will resume without needing to schedule a new installation or service visit. Also, your pre-Seasonal options and rates will be restored to your account and extend through to the original end date.

You can change the end date of your Seasonal status up to one business day prior to the initial end date, without exceeding the nine month maximum.

To place your account in Seasonal status, use our online self-service tool.

If your account is already in Seasonal status and you would like to change your return date, please visit our Seasonal Account Change page.

Note: Seasonal status is only available to existing customers in good standing. Seasonal status may not be available for all Spectrum services. For more information, please contact us.