Account and Billing FAQs

What services are available while on Seasonal status?

Seasonal status offers limited and full functionality options for Spectrum TV, Internet and Voice services. If you have multiple lines of service, you can choose which have full functionality. For example, you may choose Limited TV, Full Internet and Limited Voice when placing your account in Seasonal status. This scenario allows you to retain your current internet speeds for Intelligent Home security systems or other devices at your seasonal residence, but reduces your Voice and TV services when you're away and not using them.

A monthly fee for each of your Spectrum services placed into Seasonal status applies based on whether it has limited for full functionality. You'll need to provide a forwarding address for billing purposes or enroll in auto-pay. If you miss a payment for fail to keep your Spectrum account current while in Seasonal status, you'll be subject to normal disconnection policies.

Limited Functionality

With Limited Functionality, you have access to:

  • Limited Basic TV
  • The Guide (No VOD or PPV)
  • The Spectrum TV app (limited access)
  • Email
  • Security Suite
  • Inbound calls and outbound calls to 911/611 only
  • Voicemail (if subscribed)

Note: With Limited Internet service, you'll have no access to the internet for the duration of your Seasonal status. Limited Functionality Internet doesn’t support Intelligent Home. If you choose Limited Functionality for your Voice service, you won't have access to certain Voice features for the duration of your Seasonal status.

Full Functionality

Full Functionality Seasonal status includes all of the same features as Limited Functionality, with the addition of:

  • Your pre-Seasonal Internet speed
  • In-home WiFi (if subscribed)
  • Spectrum WiFi access
  • Unlimited Local and Long Distance outbound calls

Note: There is no option for full TV functionality when placing your account in Seasonal status. Intelligent Home systems only work with the Full Functionality Seasonal plan.