Account and Billing FAQs

What services are available while on Seasonal status?

Two levels of Seasonal service are offered and vary based on whether or not you have a home security system. A low monthly fee will be applied to each of your Spectrum services placed on a Seasonal plan.

If you don't have a home security system, your Seasonal plan will include:

Limited Basic TV
The Guide (No VOD or PPV)
The Spectrum TV App (limited access)
Email (remote access)
Security Suite
Calls to 911/611
Inbound Calls
Voicemail (if subscribed)

Note: Under this plan, you won't have access to the internet for the duration of your Seasonal status.

If you do have a home security system, your Seasonal plan will include all of the features above, with the addition of:

Internet speed of 1 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload
In-home WiFi (if subscribed)
Out-of-home Wifi access
Current Voice services

Note: There is no Seasonal discount offered for Spectrum TV Stream service.

Seasonal Voice

When placing your account on a Seasonal plan, you may not have access to certain Spectrum Voice features, including:

Call Forwarding
Call Blocking
Do Not Disturb
Distinctive Ringing
Call Waiting
Simultaneous Ringing
Backup Phone

For more information, please contact us.