IntelligentHome FAQs

How do I replace the batteries in my IntelligentHome thermostat?

To replace the batteries in your thermostat, you’ll need three AA batteries. No tools are required.

You should replace the batteries when you see the low battery indicator on your thermostat. Low Battery Indicator

If the batteries are allowed to deplete completely, your heating and air conditioning system will shut down.

If you will be away from home for a month or more, consider replacing the batteries before you go to ensure continued operation while you’re gone.

To replace the batteries in your thermostat:

  1. Get three brand new AA batteries.
  2. Remove the bottom cover on your thermostat (the white portion below the screen) by grasping on each side and pulling forward. The batteries are exposed — two in front and one behind.
    IntelligentHome thermostat showing the battery chamber inside the bottom cover and Reset button inside the top cover
  3. Note the direction and polarities of the batteries.
  4. Remove the old batteries.
    Two batteries go in the front of the thermostat’s battery chamber, and a third goes behind
  5. Insert the new batteries, being careful to match the placement you observed.
  6. Remove the top cover on the thermostat.
  7. Locate the Reset button and press it.
  8. Make sure the display returns to the screen.
  9. Replace the covers.
  10. Check your TouchScreen or the Subscriber Portal to ensure communication with the thermostat.