IntelligentHome FAQs

What is an IntelligentHome thermostat?

The IntelligentHome thermostat enables you to manage your home heating and air conditioning system via your touchscreen, the Subscriber Portal, or the IntelligentHome app. You can also control the temperature via the thermostat itself.

You can use the Thermostat Schedule option in the Subscriber Portal to program your thermostat to match your daily routines. You can greatly increase your energy efficiency by setting a schedule that demands less heating or cooling while you are away or while you are sleeping.

You can also program your thermostat by setting up rules that control the thermostat based on the following:

  • An event, such as a door opening.
  • A non-event (for example, no movement).

You can override any rules you set up at any time. Using your touchscreen, the Subscriber Portal, or the IntelligentHome app, you can:

  • Set the temperature display for Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • View the current temperature.
  • Change the temperature setting.
  • Set the system to Cool, Heat, or Off.
  • Change the fan setting to Fan Off (or Auto) or Fan On.
  • Select the Hold option, which overrides any schedule you might have set up until you remove the hold.