IntelligentHome FAQs

Discontinuing IntelligentHome Cloud Video Services

Why are the 24/7 cloud video recording services being discontinued?

These changes will improve the performance of your IntelligentHome security hardware and prevent malfunctions that could result in the loss of important data.

When will these services be discontinued?

IntelligentHome's 24/7 video recording and cloud storage/playback services will be discontinued in May 2018.

Will I still be able to access video clips that are saved to the cloud?

Customers won't be able to access cloud video clips once the service has been discontinued. For instructions on downloading your saved clips from the cloud to your hard drive, see the official notice or get more information.

What will happen to my existing IntelligentHome system?

Your IntelligentHome alarm monitoring and automation won't be affected by these service changes. If you have cameras that are set to record 24/7, they'll automatically switch to live video and 15-second-rule video clips. Learn more.

Will I receive a reminder that my 24/7 video recording is being discontinued?

You'll receive another reminder about the service change a week before it happens.