IntelligentHome FAQs

Does my IntelligentHome system work if there is a power outage?

Your touchscreen has a battery backup that provides internal power for 24 hours in case of a power failure.

Other devices that have battery power include:

  • Motion sensors.
  • Window and door sensors.
  • Glass break detectors.
  • Secondary keypads.
  • Siren repeaters.
  • Key fobs.

Your touchscreen communicates with the rest of your IntelligentHome system via your WiFi Internet connection. If your cable connection is unavailable, your system communicates with the monitoring service via cellular networks. You can test your touchscreen’s connectivity with both the broadband and cellular networks.

To test your touchscreen’s connectivity:

  1. On your touchscreen, press the Settings button.
  2. Enter your master keypad code.
  3. Press Advanced Settings, and then press Connectivity. The Connectivity menu is displayed.
  4. Press Test Connectivity. The Connectivity Test screen opens.
  5. Press Next to start the test.
    • It can take as little as 30 seconds or as long as four minutes to complete the test.
    • When the test is successfully completed, a green check mark is displayed for each network type.
    • If a red X is displayed, call 1-855-892-4444 for help with reestablishing your connection.