IntelligentHome FAQs

How do I test my Home Security system?

You can test your window and door sensors to ensure that they are registering alarms correctly and that your system is communicating properly with the emergency response center. We recommend that you test your Home Security system at least once a month.

To test your Home Security system:

  1. Ensure that you have your mobile phone and Intenet access available so that you can check alarm email and text messages during the test.
  2. Disarm your Home Security system.
  3. Call us at 1-855-892-4444.
  4. When prompted, press 2.
  5. When a customer service representative answers:
    • Provide your secret password when asked.
    • State that you want to put your Home Security system in test mode for an hour.
    • Wait until you receive confirmation that your system is in test mode.
  6. On your TouchScreen, press the Settings button.
  7. Enter your master keypad code.
  8. Press Security.
  9. Press Alarm Test. The Alarm Test screen opens.
  10. Ensure that Disabled is displayed next to Send Test Alarm Messages.
  11. Press Next. The Alarm Test Checklist screen opens.
  12. Ensure that your monitored windows and doors are closed and that Ready to Arm is displayed under the Arm button.
  13. Press Arm. The Arm button is replaced by System Armed.
  14. Press Next. The Alarm Test screen opens, displaying each zone in your Home Security system.
  15. Trip a sensor. When the siren sounds, “ALARM” is displayed on your TouchScreen next to the affected zone.

    Note: You can press Mute Siren to silence the alarm.

  16. Trip each sensor shown on the screen.

    Note: Test your Home Security smoke alarm by pressing the Test button on the smoke alarm for 15 seconds.

  17. Once all of the zones have been tested, press Next. The Review Alarms screen opens, displaying the zone event history during the test.
  18. Verify that every zone you tripped is displayed in the zone event history.
  19. Check the zone event history against your email and text messages to ensure that you received any ruled-based notifications.
  20. Call 1-855-892-4444.
  21. When prompted, press 2.
  22. Inform the customer service representative that you have completed your testing and that you would like to verify signals.
  23. Once you have confirmed that the test was successful, ask the customer service representative to cancel test mode.
  24. Rearm your system if desired.