Internet FAQs

How do you protect against email viruses?

We are dedicated to an ongoing effort to protect you from spam, email viruses and other unwanted emails. In an effort to control the spread of computer viruses, we reject the transmission of infected emails.

If you attempt to send an email containing a virus, you will receive the following error message:

ERROR:550: Email message contained a virus

Viruses continue to become more and more sophisticated. Little or no action is required to pass along an infected file. Typically, customers are unaware that their computer is infected. Unfortunately, spammers will often take advantage of virus-infected computers for the purpose of sending spam. To help put an end to the spread of email viruses, any attempt to send a message infected with a virus through one of our outbound residential SMTP servers will result in the message being rejected by our server. This policy has been designed as an additional measure to protect our customers from spam and email viruses.

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If you are unaware why your computer would have sent out an infected email, there might be a virus or Trojan program running on your computer. It is possible for an infected or compromised computer to send out email messages without your knowledge or consent. We recommend that you immediately install and maintain anti-virus software, and consider installing a firewall. We offer Internet Security for free.

Recommended Steps to Help Clean Your Computer

In order to help you secure your home computer, we suggest that you do the following:

  • Scan your computer for existing Trojans, viruses and security vulnerabilities
  • Turn off all unnecessary services from your machine (such as Windows Messaging)
  • Make sure that you are up to date on all relevant security patches for your machine's operating system (Microsoft's Windows Update Security Bulletins)
  • Turn off file and print sharing services on your machine
  • Always use anti-virus software, and make sure that your anti-virus definitions are up to date 
  • Consider the use of a firewall
  • Be aware of where and when you enter passwords, logins and other sensitive information on the web. Do not give out personal information, logins or passwords unless you are aware of to whom you are giving them.


If you see this error message:

ERROR:5.7.1:550 Outbound Mail Refused - YOUR_IP_ADDRESS See - DATE_OF_BLOCK

TWC Mail has detected an unusually large volume of email coming from your account, probably due to a virus on your computer. In an effort to protect customers and the rest of the Internet from spam coming from the TWC Mail network, we have temporarily limited your ability to send mail via TWC Mail’s mail servers for today.

If you attempt to send any email during this time you’ll receive the message above.

Note: Business Class Customers should contact their local Business Class Account/Support Representative or visit for alternative solutions.