Internet FAQs

What is your email policy?

Feature Policy


All Spectrum Internet Customers

Number of Email Accounts


Max Storage Capacity

5 GB

Max Contacts


In/Out Message Size Limits

25 MB

Delete Trash

After 3 days

Delete Spam

After 14 days

Lock Mailbox and Reject Incoming Messages

After 180 days of inactivity, the mailbox will be locked and won't receive new mail. Mailbox can be immediately unlocked by signing in to and navigating to email.

Purging Locked Mailbox Content

Locked mailboxes with content remain available as long as the customer remains a Spectrum Internet customer. Locked accounts without content are subject to deletion.

Purge After Disconnect

All mailboxes and content are subject to deletion after Spectrum Internet services are disconnected. Content can't be recovered.