Internet FAQs

What is TWC Mail?

*** Please Note (Internet Explorer 6 & 7 Users): Before using TWC Mail, you must set your Internet security level to "Medium".  ***

TWC Mail is an easy way to check your email from any computer with Internet access. When you subscribe to Internet service, you'll automatically be assigned an email account.

With TWC Mail, you'll get an online address book, increased storage, message sorting and strengthened email capabilities, plus a safe and secure email exchange, parental controls, mail filtering, blocking capabilities and user authentication.

Service and Storage | Accounts | Limits | Address Book | Security

Service and Storage
The amount of storage per account and the number of sub-accounts depends upon the service purchased. To learn more about how many email mailboxes/accounts you are entitled to in your area, visit our Internet Plans page.

There is only one master account per household, usually in the name of the bill payer. Master account email addresses are configured automatically and cannot be changed by the subscriber once activated. We provides master email account holders with the option of activating sub-accounts with unique email addresses and separate access screens.


  • Receiving Limits: There is a total message size of 30MB, including attachments, which can be received into accounts. Adequate storage space must be available for the email to be received.
  • Sending Limits: Subscribers can send emails of up to 30MB in total size, including attachments. Subscribers are allowed to send emails to up to 1,000 recipients every 24 hours per IP address. Emails can have up to 99 recipients in each of the To and CC fields.

Address Book
TWC Mail provides an address book called Contacts. This feature gives you the ability to:

  • Create a new contact
  • Create a contact group
  • Delete a contact or group entry
  • Search for a contact or a contact group
  • Send a message from the address book

With TWC Mail, both incoming and outgoing email messages are scanned for viruses and infected messages will be discarded. Suspected spam can be delivered to the Inbox, delivered and prefixed with "spam" in the subject line, placed directly into a junk email folder or deleted.