Internet FAQs

Can I use WiFi Finder to help me find Boingo Hotspots?

Yes, WiFi Finder displays the list of available network names at every hotspot location. The best way to find and connect to Boingo Hotspots is by using TWC's WiFi Finder.

If you are an Android™ user, ensure you have the latest release of the app and follow prompts for saving your TWC ID and Password. Once those credentials are saved, you will automatically connect to Boingo Hotspots when you are within range. Roaming to secure Boingo Hotspots is not yet available for Android™.

If you are using iOS 6.0 (iPhone 3GS, 4 & 4S, 5 & 6, iPad, iPad 2, plus iPod touch 3rd & 4th gen) ensure you have the latest release of WiFi Finder, follow prompts for creating a Passpoint profile and you will seamlessly roam onto secure Boingo Hotspots that are currently available in 25 airports.