Internet FAQs

How do I sign in to Boingo Hotspots?

If you are a first-time user of TWC WiFi and want to access a Boingo Hotspot, select Boingo Hotspot when you see it on your list of available networks. Open you browser and on the Boingo WiFi sign-in page, select Time Warner Cable from the dropdown list of Internet service providers and click Log In. On the next screen, enter your TWC ID and password and sign in.

For automatic access to a Boingo Hotspot, download the latest release of TWC's WiFi Finder. Follow the prompts to save your TWC ID (iOS users will also be prompted to create a Passpoint profile) and your device will automatically connect to Boingo Hotspots whenever you are in range. Note that, today, only iOS users can connect to secure, Passpoint enabled Boingo Hotspots , currently available in 25 airports. Android™ users will still auto-connect to all Boingo Hotspots, but not to their secure, Passpoint-enabled network.