Internet FAQs

Where will I find Boingo Hotspots and are they secure?

Boingo Hotspots provide TWC customers with an additional partner WiFi network to use when TWCWiFi, TWCWiFi-Passpoint or Cable WiFi Hotspots are not available. Boingo Hotspots can be found in major airports and popular locations including malls and restaurants.

Boingo offers a Passpoint-secure network option at 25 of the highest traffic airports in the U.S. For automatic and seamless access to these secure hotspots, customers on iOS 6.0 (iPhone 3GS, 4 & 4S, 5 & 6, iPad, iPad 2, plus iPod touch 3rd & 4th gen) need to either download or update to the latest release of WiFi Finder to create a TWCWiFi-Passpoint profile. Once the profile is created, the device will roam securely onto TWCWiFi-Passpoint and Boingo hotspots when in range, without the need to sign in.

Android users are currently not supported on Boingo secure hotspots but can roam from TWCWiFi-Passpoint (secure) and Boingo Hotspots that are not secure, by downloading or updating to the latest release of WiFi Finder.