Internet FAQs

What is WiFi?

WiFi is a popular technology that allows devices such as a computers, game consoles, cell phones, tablets and media players to wirelessly connect to the Internet. You might see WiFi standards referred to as 802.11 b/g/n/ac; these standards are what allow WiFi devices to work together regardless of the manufacturer.

Devices connect to WiFi access points, such as the WiFi-enabled Internet modem provided by Time Warner Cable for its Home WiFi customers. Users are typically able to select a custom network name (SSID), password and encryption type to then ensure secure connectivity.

In addition to secure use in homes and offices, WiFi providers like Time Warner Cable make WiFi access points ("hotspots") available outside the home in areas of high public foot traffic, such as restaurants, parks, malls and airports. Visit our Home WiFi and TWC WiFi® Hotspots page for more information.

If you have an old device and don’t know if your device is WiFi-enabled, check your manufacturer's specifications for support. You can also check your available network connections. If wireless is available, (you may need to turn it on) the list of wireless network names (SSIDs) will be displayed.