Phone FAQs

How do I install the backup battery?

Ubee/Technicolor modems

  1. Insert the battery into the battery housing located on the bottom.
  2. Make sure the battery is inserted past the blue clip that holds the battery in place.

Arris modems

  1. Press and pull back the latch of the battery door on the bottom of modem. Caution: Follow the instructions in the next step to avoid risk of equipment damage.
  2. Hold the battery pack so the guides on the battery align with the slots on the modem and slide into the bay. The battery will insert completely if oriented properly, and without significant force.
  3. Push the pack into the bay until it latches. If you are removing a battery, use the pull strap.
  4. Replace the door by placing the tabs of the door into the slot inside the modem battery compartment. The latch will snap into place.

Note: Your modem uses a Lithium-Ion battery pack. Recycle or dispose of in accordance with local law.