Phone FAQs

Will I have to pay the full price for my Phone service while my application is being processed?

You will pay your prevailing rates for Phone service until your application is approved. After being approved by the California LifeLine Administrator, you will be refunded the difference between your standard rates for phone service and the California LifeLine discounted rates for any applicable monthly service charges. This refund will be retroactive to the date you contacted us to apply for our California LifeLine Phone Credit or the date your service began, whichever is later. These credits will appear on the next bill cycle after your application has been approved.

In addition, we will not require deposits on your Phone service if you are applying for our California LifeLine Phone Credit and we will defer any phone installation charges until your eligibility is determined by the California LifeLine Administrator.

Note: At this time, Time Warner Cable offers the Lifeline Phone Credit program in California and New York only.