Phone FAQs

Phone Quick Reference Guide

Here’s a handy list of features for your Spectrum Voice service. Many features can be controlled from anywhere via VoiceZone™.

Note: Please consult your welcome booklet for complete descriptions and step- by-step instructions.

Caller ID Blocking

  • *67 - Block Caller ID: Temporarily change the public/private status of your phone number when you make outbound calls.
  • *82 - Restore Caller ID: Dial this code before dialing a phone number to allow your party to view your Caller ID information.

Call Forwarding

  • *72 - Enable Call Forwarding: Forward your calls to an alternate number.
  • *73 - Cancel Call Forwarding: Deactivate call forwarding.

Call Waiting

When you hear the special tone indicating another call, press and release the “Flash” button. The current caller will automatically be placed on hold.

  • To alternate between callers, press and release the “Flash” button on your phone.
  • To end a call, hang up on the caller you wish to disconnect. The phone will ring, and you will be connected with the other caller.
  • *70 - Cancel Call Waiting: Dial this code to deactivate call waiting for the duration of a call.

Speed Dial

  • *74 - Speed Dial: Assign speed dial numbers to frequently called numbers and dial using one digit.

Anonymous Call Reject (ACR)

  • *77 - Enable ACR: Activate this feature to reject all calls that block their Caller ID information.
  • *87 - Cancel ACR: Deactivate Anonymous Call Reject and accept anonymous calls.

Quick Voicemail Access

  • *98 - Access your voicemail without dialing its 10-digit number.

Voicemail Access Line

  • When you call the voicemail number from your home phone, you’ll access voicemail immediately. From another phone, you’ll be prompted for your four-digit PIN.

3-Way Calling

  • Place the first call. Once you’re connected, press the “Flash” button on your phone to put your first call on hold. When you hear the new dial tone, place the second call and, once connected, press the “Flash” button again to connect all three parties.

Directory Listings

  • You can list your name, number, and address in the public directory. Or you can choose a Private Listing, which makes your information unavailable via Directory Assistance or 411 Listing. Call 611 to speak with a customer service rep about this feature.

Caller ID on TV*

  • See who is calling on your television without having to pick up the phone.

* Note: Not available in all service areas.

Local Customer Service & Support (6-1-1)

  • Dial 611 from your home phone to speak with a customer service representative.

Outbound Call Restriction

  • Prevent unwanted charges by blocking calls that will be charged to your home phone.

Local Number Portability

  • Keep your existing phone number when you sign up for Digital Home Phone service.