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What is Vishing or Caller ID Spoofing?

Consumer Alert

Scammers may try to falsify incoming Caller ID to disguise their identity and transmit deceptive information. This practice is called Caller ID “Spoofing.”

Spectrum, like all telephone providers, can’t validate or authenticate the original name and number of the caller. Therefore, don’t assume Caller ID displayed on your phone is always accurate. Congress is currently considering new laws to take corrective action against scammers.

You should also be aware of a related criminal practice called “Vishing,” which involves scammers asking customers to call a number left by a voice recording. Vishing is used to gain personal information, such as credit card or bank account numbers. Use caution when giving out sensitive information over the telephone.

Learn more about Caller ID Spoofing and Vishing, or file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission.