Phone FAQs

Do I have to use a PIN for Voicemail (PIN SKIP)?

You have the option to access your Voicemail without using your PIN. This option (PIN SKIP) is automatically enabled when accessing your Voicemail system from home.* If you would like to disable PIN SKIP, simply access the Voicemail system and dial 4-3-2-2. Should you like to re-enable PIN SKIP you can also dial 4-3-2-2; the system will always tell you the status of PIN SKIP and you can decide when to enable or disable this feature.

*Note: If you have both Block Outbound Caller ID and Block Anonymous Calls/Enhanced Block Anonymous Calls enabled on your line, dialing your TWC Phone number from your home line will result in the call being blocked, and therefore you will not be able to use this method to listen to messages. Instead you will need to dial the Voicemail remote access number (it can be programmed as one of your speed dial numbers). For instructions, please refer to the question "How do I retrieve my Voicemail?"