Phone FAQs

How can I view a history of calls?

To view a list of your Phone service incoming calls, click on the Recents tab on the VoiceZone® Connect ribbon.

Recents contains a list of incoming calls received during the time the application is running on your computer. Up to 100 incoming calls are displayed in the Recents call log on each computer running VoiceZone® Connect. Your computer clock drives the time display for calls in your Recents call log. If you make an update to the time or change the time zone on your computer while the application is running, you will need to log out and log back in for the change to take place for future calls. (Past calls received prior to the change will not update). If you have multiple computers running the VoiceZone® Connect application when a call is received, the call log will contain the same information, unless an entry has been manually deleted.


Note: As of October 27th, 2016, VoiceZone Connect is no longer available for download. Existing customers who already have VoiceZone Connect on their computers are, however, able to continue using the application.