Phone FAQs

What is a Caller ID alert on PC?

Caller ID Alert is a small rectangular box that displays in the bottom right-hand corner of your computer's screen for approximately 15 seconds when your Phone service receives an incoming call. The alert displays the phone number and name of the person who is calling if that information is available. In addition, if the caller has been added to the VoiceZone® Connect Contacts section, the caller’s name and phone type (mobile, home or business) will be displayed and if a personal ringtone has been chosen, it will be played.

If Caller ID Alert does not display on your computer, check that the application is running and that you are signed in. You can also check the Settings menu to verify that both Display notification for incoming call and Display when minimized are checked.


Note: As of October 27th, 2016, VoiceZone Connect is no longer available for download. Existing customers who already have VoiceZone Connect on their computers are, however, able to continue using the application.