Phone FAQs

What is the VoiceZone® Connect Call Control feature and how do I use it?

The Call Control* feature for VoiceZone® Connect gives you options to manage incoming calls to your Phone service from the incoming call alert that displays on your computer. The options presented with your Caller ID notification are Ignore, Send and Voicemail (if applicable).

  • Ignore silences the ringer on the application, but the caller will continue to hear ringing until they hang up. 
  • Send opens a dropdown list of the numbers you have pre-defined in your My Location settings. Choose a number or friendly name and click Send to direct the call to that number so it can be taken in real-time.
  • Voicemail silences the ringer and sends the call directly to Voicemail.

*This feature may not be available in all areas.


Note: As of October 27th, 2016, VoiceZone Connect is no longer available for download. Existing customers who already have VoiceZone Connect on their computers are, however, able to continue using the application.