Phone FAQs

What Call Forwarding options are available online?

There are five Call Forwarding options:

Simultaneous Ring With Simultaneous Ring, your incoming calls will ring multiple phone numbers so you'll never have to miss a call. You can add up to five numbers for this feature.
Forward All Calls When this setting is on, calls will be sent to a specified number, bypassing your voicemail. This setting will not apply to callers on your Forward Selected Calls List.
Forward Calls When No Answer This setting lets you forward a phone call to Voicemail or another number immediately or after a specified number of rings (does not apply when Forward All Calls is enabled).
Forward Calls When Busy This setting lets you immediately forward incoming calls when your line is busy. This setting will not apply when Forward All Calls is on.
Forward Selected Calls This setting lets you redirect up to 30 callers to another number.