My TV is connected to a retail IP device that contains a ClearQAM tuner. Will I still be able to view the TV channels following encryption?

You will need to take one of the following actions to continue viewing TV channels. You can choose to order a Digital Adapter and connect it directly to the TV (not through the retail IP device with ClearQAM tuner). In addition, we have an alternate solution which will connect to devices that meet the following technical compatibility requirements:

  • Device must have both a ClearQAM tuner and IP network interface.
  • Device must support the following technical standards/specifications:
    • DLNA®
    • Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP) over IP, which is licensed by the Digital Transmission Licensing Administrator (“DTLA”)
    • SCTE 18, Emergency Alert Messaging, published as ANSI/CEA Standard, Emergency Alert Messaging for Cable, ANSI J-STD-42-B (CEA-814-B), October 2013.

We will update this information as we become aware of compatible products.

Note: In Texas and the Midwest, this information applies only to customers in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and Kansas City.