What recording options will I have and how do I use them?

Record only new episodes of a series

The steps below will work for most DVRs. If these instructions don't work for your DVR, please refer to the equipment manual for your model under Digital Cable Boxes.

  1. From the program guide, press Select/OK.
  2. Scroll down to Record series with options.
  3. Scroll down to Record and select New episodes.

Adjust the recording start and stop times

  1. Press the List button on the remote to access the Show List screen.
    Go to the Scheduled Recordings area (for changes to individual shows or episodes) or the Series Manager section (for changes that apply to the entire series).
  2. Highlight and Select the show you want to change.
  3. Choose Adjust Start Time or Adjust End Time.
  4. Choose the number of minutes before and after the show starts and ends.
  5. Press Select.

Verify a show is being recorded

When a show has been purchased or is recording or scheduled to record, the Guide cell turns red. Press the List button on the remote to access the Show List screen. Choose the Scheduled Recordings list. Your choice will show up in red. The program will also be found in the Scheduled Recordings listings in the Show List menu.

Record a specific channel for a block of time

The Guide does not allow for recording by blocks of time. You must set the unit to record each show separately.

Set recording priorities

You do not have control over setting DVR program recording priorities. The DVR gives highest priority to the most current request made, which usually means that requests are filled as they are made. To make sure that a particular program records in the event of a tuner conflict, delete any old requests for that program and re-submit a request. This will make it your most recent request and thus the highest priority, ensuring it is recorded first.