My TV has a built-in digital TV tuner. Do I still need an HD Set-Top Box to receive HD programming?

If your TV has a built-in QAM tuner (also known as a “Clear QAM” tuner) and is connected directly to the cable wiring in your home, it is capable of receiving the digital signals that we transmit without encryption (“in the clear”), including your local broadcast stations (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc.). If your TV is an HDTV, you can view the HD signals that we transmit in the clear. If your HDTV has a built-in digital television (DTV) tuner (also known as an “ATSC” tuner), you can connect an antenna to your TV and receive local broadcast stations’ signals over the air. However, to receive any HD cable networks, such as ESPN, A&E, Discovery, Food Network and more, or to receive HD On Demand programming, you will need a cable connection and an HD Set-Top Box, CableCARD™ or Digital Adapter.