How do I use i-Guide to find a show?

  1. Press the MENU button on your remote once.
  2. Select the magnifying glass icon.
  3. Search by category, title, saved searches, keyword or your favorite actor or director.

You can also browse current and upcoming programming by using Listings By Time, Listings By Channel, the Mini Guide or the Flip Bar.

To browse Listings By Time:

  1. Press the GUIDE button on your remote to access Listings By Time.
  2. The listings grid provides a 90-minute view of programming for up to six channels per screen1.
  3. Use the UP/DOWN and LEFT/RIGHT arrow buttons on your remote to navigate the listings grid.
  4. Instant program information appears in the upper left of the screen.
  5. Press OK or SELECT on your remote to tune to the highlighted program in the grid2.

To browse Listings By Channel:

  1. Press the GUIDE button on your remote twice to access Listings By Channel1.
  2. Use the LEFT/RIGHT arrow buttons on your remote to see listings for the next channel in the lineup.
  3. Use the UP/DOWN arrows buttons to navigate2.

To browse with the Mini Guide:

  1. Watch a TV program while viewing program listings with the Mini Guide by pressing the OK or SELECT button on your remote.
  2. The Mini Guide appears on the lower third of the screen and displays two or three channels and 90 minutes of listings at a time.
  3. Use the UP/DOWN arrow buttons on your remote to see listings on other channels.
  4. Use the LEFT/RIGHT arrow buttons to see listings at other times.

To browse with the Flip Bar:

  • The Flip Bar appears at the bottom of the screen for a few seconds when you press the INFO button while watching a program or when you change channels using the Channel +/- buttons. It displays information about programs including the name of the current program, start and end times, channel number, rating and current time.

1 The currently selected program is highlighted in yellow.

2 You can press the INFO button on your remote for additional information.