Is my Parental Controls PIN the same as my Purchase PIN? If I modify one does it change the other?

The Purchase PIN and the Parental Control PIN are separate.

  • The Parental Control PIN is found under PARENTAL CONTROLS within the SETTINGS menu.
  • The Purchase PIN is found under PURCHASES within the SETTINGS menu.
  • The default for both PINs is set by each local office (typically 0000). You will be prompted to create your own, personal PINs.

To modify your Parental Controls PIN:

  1. Press the SETTINGS button on your remote twice (some remotes will have a MENU button instead).
  2. Using the LEFT/RIGHT arrow buttons, highlight PARENTAL CONTROL.
  3. Using the UP/DOWN arrow buttons, highlight Blocking PIN (to edit the PIN) or Turn On/Off.
  4. Press SELECT.

To modify your Purchase PIN:

See: How do I change my Purchase PIN?

If you cannot remember your Parental Control PIN or your Purchase PIN, please contact us.